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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) at Cessnock High School - 2015

BYOD will officially commence at Cessnock High School in January 2015.

Students in Years 7-10 will have the opportunity to bring a device to assist with their learning (eg. tablet,  netbook or laptop with minumum screen size of 7in). The device will be attached to the DEC wireless network (which now operates at both 2.4 & 5 GHz) and the school will provide the same filtered internet access used on desktop PCs.

It is important to note that BYOD is not mandatory. Students who do not have access to a device will be given the opportunity to apply for the use of a school owned loan laptop. (Issue of a loan laptop will be at the school's discretion.)   It is essential to understand that Cessnock High School takes no responsibility for the device and no ongoing technical  support will be available.  
It is very important that parents and students familiarise themselves with the  DEC BYOD Policy
Students and parents must sign and return BYOD Student Agreement before students start using their  devices at school. Staff will have access to lists of students participating in BYOD through the school's Sentral administration system.

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For more information please contact the school via phone 49901977.

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