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The study of mathematics is mandatory from Kindergarten to Year 10. 

By studying mathematics, students learn to work mathematically – developing fluency, understanding, problem-solving, reasoning and communication skills.

The syllabus consists of the following strands:

  • number and algebra
  • measurement and geometry
  • statistics and probability.

In Year 11 and 12, the study of mathematics is optional. Courses offered include:

  • Mathematics Extension 2 (Year 12 only)
  • Mathematics Extension 1
  • Mathematics Advanced
  • Mathematics Standard 2
  • Mathematics Standard 1 (Optional HSC examination)
  • Mathematics Life Skills.

How does mathematics help?

Mathematics is used to identify, describe and apply patterns and relationships. It provides a precise means of communication and is a powerful tool for solving problems both within and beyond mathematics. In addition to its practical applications, the study of mathematics is a valuable pursuit in its own right, providing opportunities for originality, challenge and leisure

The aim of Mathematics and it's teachings is to develop students' mathematical thinking, understanding, competence and confidence in the application of mathematics, their creativity, enjoyment and appreciation of the subject, and their engagement in lifelong learning.

What will students learn to do?

Students learn to ask questions in relation to mathematical situations and their mathematical experiences; develop, select and use a range of strategies, including the use of technology, to explore and solve problems; develop and use appropriate language and representations to communicate mathematical ideas; develop and use processes for exploring relationships, checking solutions and giving reasons to support their conclusions; and make connections with their existing knowledge and understanding and with the use of mathematics in the real world.

Technology in mathematics

Currently students are making use of a wonderful piece of software called GEOGEBRA. This simple but powerful software allows them to quickly see the relationships betwen algebra and geometry. It helps to provide a deeper understanding of both of these subject areas. The software is available at no cost to all students. It can be downloaded from the GEOGEBRA web site. Follow this link to GEOGEBRA. Another free and useful software package is Google Sketchup which is used to do 3D modelling. You can find the free software at Google Sketchup.