Cessnock High School

Age Quid Agas

Telephone02 4990 1977


SRC Committees


Within the SRC, there are five committees:-

World Vision Committee

The SRC sponsors a child from Tanzania called Elizabeth. The World Vision Committee is responsible for wiring letters to our sponsor child, raising money to send and raise awareness of our sponsor child.


School Spirit Committee

The School Spirit Committee is in charge of organising sporting events, school discos, barbeques and other fun events for the student body.


Fundraising Committee 

The fundraising committee is responsible for selecting which charities and organisations the SRC can support and raise money for.


School Improvement Team

The school improvement team is responsible for improving our school facilities and creating a better environment.


Website Committee

The Website Committee is responsible for developing creative and innovative ideas for the school website, liaising with the website administrator and ensuring that information is regularly updated for your enjoyment and benefit.


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